Our Mission is to INSPIRE young men of color.

About the Winter Park Kappa League

The history of the Kappa League can be traced back to February 12th, 1970. Mel Davis who was the chairman of the Los Angeles (CA) Alumni Chapter’s Social Action Program, developed a program called the Kappa Instructional Leadership League. The program was first implemented at Alain LeRoy Locke High School geared towards young men between the 10th and 12th grades. The goal was to “help the young men to achieve worthy goals for themselves and make constructive contributions to their community when leadership roles become their responsibilities.” With the success of the program at Alain LeRoy Locke High School, the program serves as the model for programs for other chapters.

Our Accomplishments


Young Men Impacted


Service Hours


Graduation Rate


College Matriculation Rate

5-Time Leon Steward Award Winners: 3-Time 1st Place Winner
2-Time Bert V. Wadkins Award Winners: 1-Time 1st Place Winner
2-Time Jay Crosby Award Winners: 1-Time 1st Place Winner

Objectives of our Programs and Involvement


This is a key component of our program. We work with the young men in a group setting while also assigning each one of them to a specific Advisor to be a part of his “Elements Group.” This allows for more specific one-on-one interaction in addition to a specific point of contact to provide to the young men for guidance.

Community Programming

The young men cannot be effective leaders in the community if they do not first know how to serve their community. The members of the Winter Park Kappa League are charged with not only participating in programs to better their community, but they are also provided with the opportunity to create programs and be involved in every aspect of the implementation and execution.

Educational Programs

Recognizing education is key to the success of our young men, a strong emphasis is placed on the education component. This includes monitoring their educational pursuits and success, but also by implementing programs such as “Readers are Leaders” and leveraging platforms such as Naviance. Young men are also rewarded for the successes they have throughout the school year.

Personal Development

Our program is designed to develop leaders. Though we always have outstanding young men in our program, we continuously work on ways to develop, whether it be our public speaking skills, confidence, or even etiquette, we have initiatives and workshops that help the young men continue to grow.

Professional Development

Preparing for a career at their dream job, or to be an entrepreneur or both, we prepare the young men for the future phases of their lives. The young men are exposed to careers and individuals who are successful in their respective arenas. Tools such as Naviance help the young men identify where their aptitudes lie and we are able to build upon those with workshops such as the Kappa League C.A.N (Career and Networking) Series.


It is imperative to control and often change the narrative of young men of color. Success is not an anomaly, it is the norm. As such we acknowledge the success of our young men via our social media outlets and internally through our mobile “Wall of Fame.” That allows members to attach articles, awards, etc. that reflect their hardwork in and outside of the classroom.